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We all know the most profitable way to grow your business is by paying for results.
So why don't more entrepreneurs grow their business with Joint Venture Partners & Strategic Alliances?
Fear of getting ripped off. Fear of who do I hire to run this? Fear of not knowing how to structure win-win deals.
Over the last decade 97.2% of the sales we've generated have come from Strategic Alliances and Joint Ventures.
We're done gambling on "Facebook Philanthropy" (you know, donating money to Zuckerberg).
And we hope you and your tribe are too.
Tom Matzen here, serial entrepreneur and huge fan of Strategic Alliances and Joint Ventures.
Thanks for taking a few minutes to learn about our Referral Program for the next Strategic Alliance Summit.
I started this in 2014 with 23 entrepreneurs on the back end of a Jeff Walker Platinum Mastermind Retreat in Arizona.
Since then thousands of Joint Ventures and Strategic Alliances have been formed.
And I'm super excited to announce that we've decided to join forces with David Riklan & Mark Porteous of JV Directory fame to bring this back Nov 8th to 10th, 2023!!
We'd love your support to share this awesome gift, totally updated for 2023.
Our most popular Lead Magnet of the last five years is back, we call it 8 Legal Templates For Safe, Profitable Joint Ventures.
This averages a 67.2% opt-in rate so we know your tribe will love it!!
Promotion for this runs Oct. 2nd to Oct 20th.
Prizes are described below. Plus, of course, you earn 50% of any tickets bought from your leads to the event (or can offer your tribe $97 tickets for just $1 as a special treat).
And, if you generate 50 opt-ins or more you'll be invited to a special pre event event we call PlatVIP. This intimate group of serious players is invitation only, value $2,000.
In just two days you'll make a year's worth of connections, so set aside Nov 6th & 7th right now.
Hope you'll decide to join us, help us help your tribe, and earn some amazing prizes (and cash) along the way.
Tom Matzen & Simon Hedley,
Strategic Alliance Summit
PS Please note, just for agreeing to mail before October 21st for the Legal Templates, you'll get a VIP ticket to the main event, including all four bonuses. We sincerely appreciate you and your time.

PPS Plus all Referral Partners can get a custom promo code to offer General Admission Tickets for $1.
Just email [email protected] once you've signed up as a Referral Partner to let us know (and if you have a special code you'd like, let us know).
What Will You Promote To Your Tribe?
In This Free 67 Page Template, I'll Share With You and Your Tribe contains:
- Three Non Disclosure Agreements to protect your trade secrets and intellectual property. Use this agreement if you are bringing anyone into your business who will have access to your trade secrets. Be sure they sign this before they get access to your inside material;
- Two Joint Venture Agreements, including the one I use all the time, and for all our normal Strategic Alliances and Joint Ventures over the last 23 years;
- A Joint Venture Broker Contract - Use this when you're planning to earn a fee introducing parties, or being a "toll keeper";
- Our Asset Purchase Agreement - when you want to buy another business, but don't want the exposure that may bring, you buy the "assets" ;
- A Major Joint Venture Agreement - the big one. This is the one we've used for years, for all our major partnerships, and continue to use to this day. When I do a big deal with people, I use this every time;
- All in Google Doc so it's easy to work with for you...
I've invested $64,000 USD with lawyers to create these over the years. Your tribe will love them.
Then we will send a series of five emails and videos showing them how to get the most out of them.
And then we'll invite them to attend the next Strategic Alliance Summit.
If they purchase a Regular Ticket or VIP Ticket, you earn 50% of that, of course.
Or you can offer your tribe a special treat to get a General Admission ticket for just $1 (with a special promo code)
Special Prize Categories:
$184, 850 in Total Prizes Available 

#1 - What Can I Earn For Directory Opt-Ins?
Everyone Can Earn These
#1 - What Can I Earn For Directory Opt-Ins?
Everyone Can Earn These
Each and every Referral Partner will earn all the prize levels they reach:
  • saying yes to promote the Legal Templates Oct 2 - 20th and you get a VIP Ticket to Strategic Alliance Summit with all four bonuses.  Value $197;
  • As a Referral Partner you can invite your tribe as a special treat for just $1, they save $96, and they'll adore you.
  • 50 opt-ins or more and get invited to the special pre-event PlatVIP Event Nov 6th & 7th. In just two days you'll make a year's worth of connections. Value $2,000!!
  • 250 opt-ins before Oct 21st and be one the first twelve, and you get a main event Break Out Speaker Talk. One minute main stage, 30 minutes in your Break Out. Value $5,000 each;
Total prizes to be awarded depends on total opt-ins received and number of Referral Partners. Our best estimate is that we will award a total of $109,850 in prizes in this section alone.
#2 - What Can I Earn For Directory Opt-Ins?
Special Prizes For The Top Three!!
#2 - What Can I Earn For Directory Opt-Ins?
Special Prizes For The Top Three!!
This is the Grand Prize for the heavy hitter Referral Partners. To qualify for this, you must have at least 100 opt-ins and the conversion rate to tickets at Strategic Alliance Summit needs to be within 20% of the entire list average. That said, if you're an over achiever, we think you'll love this special treat, and we appreciate you sharing to your tribe this amazing directory:
  • Our Top Three Referral Partners geta $25,000 Dolphin Pool Sponsorship!!
  • This is three minutes live in front of the entire event. The focus is on recruiting those in attendance to promote you in the next few months.
  • Over the last several events the typical Dolphin Pool Sponsor gets 75 to 125 Joint Ventures Partners IN THREE MINUTES!!
Total prizes to be awarded are $75,000. Will you be one of the three?
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