Five Dolphin Pool spots left for the
Million Dollar Strategic Alliance Summit in Kauai.
This offer expires when filled or in:

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Take a look at what you’ll receive as a Dolphin Pool Sponsor at the Million Dollar Strategic Alliance Summit in Kauai in March.
More Strategtic Alliance Partners. More leverage. More profit.


Ten Minute Presentation in Front Of Entire Event
Create "raving fans" in just minutes

  • On Monday or Tuesday (the first two deal making days of the Summit,) you'll get ten minutes to share your biggest goal, offer or initiative with the entire room;
  • Our Founders and Hosts, Tom Matzen and Frank Bria, will work with you in advance of the Summit to ensure you leverage your time and have the most positive impact possible during your presentation;
  • Plus the day of your Dolphin Pool presentation, we'll meet for breakfast with each of that day's presenters together, to ensure you crush it that day; and
  • We'll collect leads on the spot with our unique Dolphin-Gram notes, from every single attendee. This will give you great insight into how to prioritize your time to maximize your return on capital.
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Two Full Access Tickets for this
Million Dollar Strategic Alliance Summit

You'll get so much interest, you'll want help at the event

  • Tickets are $5,000 each, and worth every dime.
  • As a Dolphin Pool Sponsor you get one for you and a guest.
  • Your highest leverage connections will be with the other key attendees, so we encourage you to bring someone else from your team.
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Dinner with the Founders &
all of the other Dolphin Pool Sponsors

Connect at a deeper level

  • Our goal is for you to sign at least ten million in deals at this event.
  • To encourage that to happen, we'll take time out Tuesday night for a special dinner with the Founders, Hosts and other Dolphin Pool Sponsors.
  • A lot of fun, and some extra special deal-making is sure to happen.
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Full Page Ad in Our Event Playbook & Promotional Content in Dolphin Pool Display Area
Leverage your message

  • You get a full page 8.5" by 11" black and white ad in our Event Playbook that every single Attendee gets and uses every single day to reinforce your message with all Attendees
  • New in 2018, this is a special set of tables, in the main Event Room, just for Dolphin Pool Sponsors to use
  • Display your literature, small signs, and business cards, and engage one on many during the breaks. Only Dolphin Pool Sponsors and other key sponsors will have access to everyone in this manner.
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Our Endorsed Solo Mailing To Our Tribe
We'll mail your offer to our 83,831 person tribe...

  • Post-event we'll endorse and mail your offer to our entire tribe
  • The next day we'll mail the un-opens as well
  • Our goal is to get you more business, plain and simple
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Dolphin Pool Investment $25,000 -
Pay $5,000 up front, and the balance only if and when you sign $10,000,000 in deals as a direct result of the event.



Not everyone will want to "swing for the fences" on a big Dolphin Pool Sponsorship. We get it. So we've created two other ways for you to raise your profile, and have more impact and influence at the Summit.  

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Lunch Sponsor

Each day we have an amazing lunch. When you sponsor one, not only do you get the credit, you get 15 minutes in front the entire room during lunch to share your wisdom, ask for deals, and build relationships. Includes one ticket to the event. Includes a room drop, if desired, an ad in the Playbook, and materials in the room at the Sponsor Table. Only five available.


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Coffee Break Sponsor

Each day we serve coffee and tea mid-morning. Sponsor a coffee break and we'll add special nibblies. Not only do you get the credit, you get 2 minutes to share your story to the entire room just before or just after your break. Does not include your event ticket. Includes an ad in the Playbook and material at the coffee break station that day, if desired. Five maximum available.


Email if you're interested in a Lunch or Coffee Sponsorship.