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We really appreciate you wanting to help us have a positive impact in the lives of entrepreneurs everywhere.  Our objective is to provide a platform for any business owner to be able to meet and focus on doing amazing business deals with the incredible caliber of people we're attracting. If you need any assistance or you have any questions at all, please reach out to us.  We're easy to get to. 🙂  tom@StrategicAllianceSummit.com

And if you're ready to apply to become one of our special Referral Partners, click on this button and let's go.

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The Launch Doors Are Wide-Open as of Now!

Thanks for considering applying to become a Referral Partner for the Strategic Alliance Summit and our related products and services.

All our education-based marketing starts with our Master Class on How To Generate 100K in the Next 90 Days. This three hour Master Class is our most popular training, and generates more unsolicited emails of thanks than anything else we do. And that means your tribe will be so glad you shared this with them, whether or not they invest in our offer.

Below you'll find details on everything, including our Referral Fees, contests and bonus rewards. Thanks for making the time to learn and see if we're a good fit.

- warmest personal regards,
Tom Matzen, Founder
Strategic Alliance Summit

Special New Referral Partner Bonus
- Apply Now and You'll Receive a Pair of Tickets to a
Strategic Alliance Summit in 2017, Value $1,994

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Become Part of Our Strategic Alliance Summit Referral
Partner Program

Join our Referral Program and get paid for recommending three things:

  • a powerful three hour Master Class on how to leverage the power of Strategic Alliances. This Master Class offers our Strategic Alliance Mastermind as the offer, and you can earn 50% on all referrals.
  • next, the most powerful live event ever for doing deals with other amazing entrepreneurs.  And it's also the best training for you and people you care about to learn how to master doing Joint Ventures/Strategic Alliances. This is our Strategic Alliance Summits, and we're running four of them in 2017. You earn 50% on the regular ticket purchases, plus great prizes for you to attend.
  • And third, our global Strategic Alliance Summit Licensing Program. We're taking this amazing program across the globe and you can earn serious referral fees.
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Help Us Spread the Word and Earn Up To $7,500 In Bonuses

We're running a Rewards Program to encourage you to encourage others to support us and mail about our Master Class.

For each person you recommend to become a Referral Partner with us,
you will earn 20% on any sales they generate of the Strategic Alliance Mastermind for life.

There are three levels of guaranteed prizes in our Referral Rewards Program:

First, recruit one person that mails, and we'll profile you and your latest offer in one of our weekly electronic magazines: Momentum Mondays, Wealth Creating Wednesdays or Financial Freedom Fridays.

Second, recruit a total of five others that mail, and you'll earn a pair of VIP Tickets. These are worth $2,497 each, $4,994 in total. This includes seven days of lunches, a pre event and post day of amazing speakers, special deal making during the VIP lunches, a special VIP only excursion mid week, and a VIP Dinner on Thursday night.

Third, for those really wanting to support this initiative, recruit ten of your business associates to mail, and we'll upgrade you to our Dolphin Pool Sponsorship, worth $7,500. This includes two VIP tickets and ten minutes in front of the entire room early in the week to present your offer or opportunity. We'll also mail to our entire tribe in a solo mailing, and the un-opens the day after. Plus you'll be able to officially share that you're a sponsor of our event.

The Fine Print

Please note no funny business is permitted, and we reserve the right to withdraw the prize if we find out it has occurred. That said, play by these simple rules and you can get tremendous perks.

So one big contest with airfare, hotels and VIP access, and one Rewards Program to encourage you to encourage others to mail our amazing Master Class.

Apply now, and let's get this rolling!

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